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Industrial cartridge filter dust collector filter
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KRAD-60 air compressor dryer
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KRAD-60 air compressor dryer KRAD-60 desiccant dryer KRAD-60 compressor air dryer Keltec Compressed Air Dryers KRAD-60 compressor dryer Technical Data Sheet  
KRAD-60, Keltec Refrigerated Air Dryers, 60 acfm Capacity
Item#:  PASAD-100005
OEM Maker : Keltec
Compressed Air Dryer : Refrigerated Type
Capacity Size (Acfm) : 60
Dimensions : 18.62 L X 17.83 W X 32.75 H
Weight : 116.84 Pounds
Pipe Connection Size : 3/4 Inch NPT
Voltage : 4 Inch NPT
Refrigerant : R134a
Max Pressure Drop : <3 PSI
Max Working Pressure (PSI) : 230
Max Inlet Temperature (F) : 140
Reg. Price  US $1,531.36US $
Price:  US $1,201.75US $
You Save:  US $329.61US $ (22%)
KRAD-60, Keltec Refrigerated Air Dryers, 60 acfm Capacity, R134a Refrigerant, See Details
KRAD-60, Keltec Refrigerated Air Dryers, 60 acfm Capacity, COMPACT DESIGN Every square inch inside the dryer is utilized. Digital Interface Controller, with 8 temperature sensors, enabling complete system monitoring. ALUMINUM PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER Very Low Pressure Drop <(3psi) Very Efficient (38 F real pressure dew point) SCROLL COMPRESSORS The scroll compressors used are energy efficient and resistant to liquid shock. Integrated Dual Filter System which filters the compressed air to .01 micron. Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer Electrical wires are separated from Refrigerant Side there are no electrical wires inside the refrigerant side of the dryer. The electrical box has an external cover which has an access from the outside of the dryers. There is no need to open the dryer panels to enter the electrical box. All Wires Inserted into Plastic Cable Holders wires connected to the electrical box with conduits. Extra Ball Valves Extra ball valves are brazed in to the refrigerant circuit in order to simplify parts replacement, without the chance of releasing refrigerant gas from the system. Pressure Switches Pressure switches are put in to the electrical box for easy access. There is no need to interrupt the cooling loop in case of pressure switch failure. Easy to access The cooling components can be easily reached in seconds via the removable panels. Easy Ducting Condensers are located at the top for easy ducting.

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