Compressor Oils and Lubricants

Compressor Oils and Lubricants

#Most manufacturing facilities and factories rely on compressed air systems to manage entire operations so ensuring they remain functional is their main priority. Almost all air compressors need lubricant to keep components oiled, sealed and cool so that they can operate at maximum potential. Proper lubrication can:

Keep industrial equipment operational for years.

Reduce expensive repairs and downtime.

Reduce heat and energy consumption

Prevent compressors from overheating

Reduce energy bills

Reduce accumulation of harmful deposits

Most compressed systems that can be found in factories consume massive amounts of energy and replenishing those supplies can take a toll on business finances.In other words, if you are searching for consistent improvement, then investing in oils and lubricants will be a good idea.

Compressors are responsible for pressurizing energy in almost any industry you can think of and the oils that are used in them are unique. Each is manufactured according to the type of compressor they need to be used in and they go a long way in improving their performance, as sealing fluid, reducing friction and keeping fragile metal parts safe from damage. This in turn reduces maintenance costs which is only good for business.

Choosing compressor lubricant

The type of lubricant you choose should depend on the type of compressor you have to work with, the environment it is in and the components which need to be compressed. These can be anything from rotary screw compressors and centrifugal compressors to rotary vane compressors. When choosing a lubricant, make sure the one you choose offers the following benefits:

It should be non-foaming

Should prevent corrosion and rust

Should have high oxidation stability. This will ensure it maintains viscosity and lasts for years.

Should be able to pass through filtration processes without depleting.

Should be able to shed water.

Most compressors work well with oils or lubricants that have a viscosity grade of 46 or 32 at least. However, that usually depends on the type of compressor you need them for and manufacturers might recommend ones that were tried and tested in controlled labs.

The grade 32 variety are more popular since this oil is not as heavy as the grade 46. It has a pour point of about -35F and approximately 96 viscosity index. Irrespective of the lubricant you choose, you need to ensure they provide the following benefits:

Can last for years without being replaced

Protect components against rust and corrosion even during a shutdown

Prevent the formation of acid and sludge

Good foam control

Pro Air Supply is committed to making your workplace cleaner, healthier and more efficient for a more productive environment. We are known for providing the best lubricants in the industry all of which are manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 facility. We encourage you to give our oil sampling program a try if you are unsure which lubricant will be ideal for your particular compressors. Give us a call to find out more.