Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

cartridge dust filter#A dust collector refers to a system that is designed to improve the quality of the air that is released from commercial and industrial processes. This it does by collecting dust, sediment and other contaminants from gas and air and it is specifically designed to manage high volumes. A single system consists of a filter, a cleaning system for the filter, a dust removal system and a blower. This is not to be confused with an air cleaner which uses disposable filters for dust removal.


Dust collector cartridge filters have the capacity to collect more dust than their actual size and each unit is designed to be used with different types of filters. These are more suited to systems that experience contamination levels that are lower than 0.01% in weight.

In order to ensure you get a filter that can last for years, make sure you get cartridge filters that can last for years and which can last for years. An efficient cartridge has high internal cleaning pressure and can clean the cartridge evenly in order to conserve energy and enhance its life. An ideal functioning cartridge reduces energy costs since less air is required to clean it.

Uses of dust collector cartridge filters

Cartridge filters that collect dust are used in a wide range of processes for a number of reasons. They are mostly used to remove solid pollutants from exhaust gases before they are released in the atmosphere or recover granular powder that results from process streams.

The duct collectors can be connected of a single unit or they can be products of multiple devices that are used to keep particle matter from processed air. This is also why these collectors are used more often than not to maintain or increase quality of air such as mist collectors which remove particle matter from the air in the form of droplets.

This is why they are mostly used to collect metal fluids, oil mists and coolant and to improve air quality in workplaces.Similarly, smoke and fume collectors are used to clean the air of sub micrometer particles which is especially useful in industrial processes such as plastic, welding and rubber processing. Inhaling the particles that arise from these processes can be hazardous to the health long term.

Your choice of dust collector cartridges should depend on the application they are to be used for. For example, the cartridge variety are best for systems that need to filter fine particles while surface filters are best if you need to filter the sediment of smaller particles. If these particles are about 5 microns in size then it would be best to use a pleated filter that has the same pore size and also because these have a larger surface area compared to other filters. Similarly, depth type filters catch particles through medium thickness and these are different from the pleated surface filters since they offer more depth.

In other words, the bigger the filter surface, the more flow is possible and the filter will also last longer and hold more dirt compared to smaller filters. Cartridge filters are disposable by design which basically means they have to be replaced if they sustain damage. These are also more efficient than bag filters when it comes to filtration potential. The latter is capable of filtering of about 99% for 7 microns of particles while the cartridge variety offers up to 99.97% to 1 micron. You can also find cartridges that can filter about 0.3 microns of particles.

Components and features

Dust collector cartridge filters have a number of special features besides their filtration capacity which makes them suitable for a number of uses and settings. For instance, they are more compact, require minimal foundation and they have very low outlet emission levels which makes them ideal for indoor use. The benefits these cartridges offer are mostly due to the components they are made of. The cartridge itself for instance is made from a fine filter media which is pleated in order to cover a large filter area which is fitted in a very small cylindrical shape. The total effect we get from this is a filter system which takes up very little space (about 1/8th) compared to bag filter systems.

The cartridge filter system is designed in such a way that replacing and servicing the filters themselves only takes a few minutes. It can be done by a single person which is unlike bag filters which can take several days for the same. In addition, a reverse pulse jet cleaningsystem blasts sediment loose and pushes it down to be removed altogether. This ensures that no dust or particles are left behind in the filters after they are flushed clean like this.

These cost saving features are the main reason why cartridge filters last twice as long as the bag variety. It is also preferable since it has a number of applications such as collecting dust, as a central cleaning system which uses vacuum technology and much more. In other words, dust collector cartridge systems are a great option as filtration systems that can reduce costs all while eliminating dust which needs to be removed completely. These are ideal for filtering particles that are usually too small to be filtered by bag filters such as fine dust and they can also be equipped with a number of different types of filters according to the application they need to be used for. However, these are best in systems that have contamination levels lower than 100 ppm.

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