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Industrial central vacuum cleaner systems
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Industrial central vacuum cleaner Specials
systems, Portable industrial vacuums,
fume, mist, dust collector filters and accessories.

Industrial Vacuums

  • Cartridge Dust Collectors
  • Mist Collectors
  • Fume Collectors (Stationary and Portable)
  • Downdraft Tables (Powered and Remote)
  • Vacuum Hose and Vacuum Tools (10% OFF SALE)
  • Shop Vacs (Electric, Electric HEPA/ULPA, Air Operated, HEPA/ULPA Air Operated, Mercury Recovery Vacuums, Contractor Grade Air Operated Vacuums)
  • Replacement Filters and parts for Aercology, Donaldson Torit, SmokeBuster, Weldair, Tenkay Farr, Wheelabrator, AAF, Airflow Systems, Airguard, Donaldson, Dustex, Flexkleen, Macti-Flow, Metalfab(Micro Aire), Nordson, Oskar, Steelcraft, TDC, UAS/Dust Hog, Wagner. *
  • Industrial Vacuum (Pneumatic) Tubing AND Vacuum Fittings
  • Regenerative Blowers
  • Quick Connect Ductwork
  • Air Knife Systems and Components (Call)
  • Inline and Intake Filters Vacuum and pressure(Call)
  • Surface Treatment Vacuum Equipment (Concrete and Wood) (Coming soon - Call)
  • Used Equipment (Call for our current list of used equipment)
  • Cam and Groove Fittings added August 2008. See vacuum Fittings.

Now you can purchase all the products you need online with just a few mouseclicks at Pro Air Supply.

We offer replacement blowers, replacement filters for cartridge collectors and baghouses, for almost any brand, make, and model. Our products and categories will continue to grow as we build to better service you, the customer.

* AAF, Airflow, CAC/Filter 1, Endustra, Farr, Mac, Micro Air, Nordson, Plymovent, Polaris, Trion/Fred, UAS/Dust Hog, Wheelebrator are registerd trademarks. Aercology, Torit, SmokeBuster, and Weldair are all registered trademarks of the Donaldson Company.

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