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Industrial cartridge filter dust collector filter
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No Cyclone Collector
Vertical Cartidge Filter VCF-750
VCF110500-01 Small Dust Collector
Item#:  VCF110500-01
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VCF 750 Small vertical cartridge collector, 750 CFM at 5.9 inches of static, 1.5 HP STD 208/230/460v/3 PH/60HZ power
Nominal 750CFM, 1 vertical cartridges Dust Collector-Filters out dry dust and fume -HEPA like cartridges provide 274 square feet of filter area that can achieve 99.97% efficiency -Unique self-cleaning pulse jet systems -Push button manual controlled air pulse cleaning, resulting in low filter maintenance -Filter pressure gauge indicates when to change filters -Low noise level below 70 dBA Small footprint of 24 inches by 25 inches by 73 inches tall compared to the competition. Overall height, including a dust drawer, is 72.3 inches -Constructed with heavy 14-gauge metal, assuring extensive durability. Heavy textured powder coat paint finish for durability. -The distinct clamping mechanism allows for a simple tool-less filter change. Non-overloading direct drive blower, powered by a 1 1/2 HP motor delivers 750CFM. Standard 6 inch inlet collar. Other inlet options are available at checkout. Inquire for pricing Due to Market Volatility.

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